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ENNA Transport: the rising star of Croatian railway cargo business

ENNA Transport: the rising star of Croatian railway cargo business
photo: ENNA Transport/ENNA Transport: the rising star of Croatian railway cargo business
24 / 02 / 2021

Croatia has a firm position on the railway map of Europe. ENNA Transport (formerly known as PPD Transport) is the strongest private company in the area. It benefits from a close connection with the seaports and a good density of the railway net.

The density or railway net in the states of former Yugoslavia is definitely not the same. The most “railway” countries are Serbia and Croatia. The first one has a strategic position on North-South stream, i.e. from the Port of Pireus to European inland. The Croatian cost also offers a connection to the sea vessels - the Port of Rijeka is getting more and more significant gate for the imported cargo. The Croats also benefits from the Port of Koper, which is strictly speaking Slovenian, but with very good connection to Croatian rails.

ENNA Transport is a railway subsidiary ot the investment group ENNA/PPD. The group has several subsidiaries in different industries – energy, agriculture, etc. The performance of ENNA Transport in the terms of volume of cargo is growing. No wonder they are expanding teir staff and looking for new employees to their sites both in Zagreb and Rijeka.

ENNA Transport

Many European companies noticed the chances on Croatian market, and they are present there. Recently we informed about ongoing acquisitions of two major railway construction and maintenance worksites. Both are not in good business conditions, but investors do believe in their potential in close future.

One is Đuro Đaković in Slavonski Brod with the investors from Czech industrial community, namely company DD Acquisition owned by armourer Jaroslav Strnad and businessman René Matera. The second one is TŽV Gredelj with a proposed investment from Budamar and Tatravagonka, which has its worksite in Subotica town on the Serbian - Hungarian border.