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DB Systemtechnik: Continuous track monitoring system CTM2·0

DB Systemtechnik: Continuous track monitoring system CTM2·0
photo: Network Rail in UK/press materials/Network Rail in UK
27 / 10 / 2021

Deutsche Bahn is collaborating with the Network Rail in UK on trials regarding the CTM2.0 continuous track monitoring system that will use passenger service trains in the UK. The equipment measures longitudinal level, twist, dynamic alignment, ride comfort, cyclic top, speed, and the vehicle’s motion response. Network Rail will utilize the trial to evaluate its suitability for promoting preventative maintenance and helping to reduce the number and influence of service-affecting failures.

DB Systemtechnik has agreed to provide the CTM2.0 equipment and remote monitoring services, analyzing the data to supply Network Rail with regular reports detailing the current track condition and predicting eventual terms.

The CTM2.0 devices, featuring external vehicle-mounted sensors and an antenna, are connected to an equipment enclosure inside the vehicle.

The company says their work is part of Network Rail’s initiative to look into different train-borne track measurement and monitoring methodologies – adding there are eight supplier solutions across 12 system trials.

‘Our proven, cost-effective solution allows the early detection of issues before they disrupt the network’, said Christoph Kirschinger, Managing Director, Sales at DB Systemtechnik. ‘The quality of operations is therefore improved, by decreasing service disruptions and speed restrictions. This system has been in operation now for over seven years and is currently actively monitoring more than 3 000 km of track.’