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DB Cargo Transasia: A new subsidiary to increase rail freight transport between China and Europe

DB Cargo Transasia: A new subsidiary to increase rail freight transport between China and Europe
photo: DB press materials/DB Cargo
30 / 11 / 2021

The boom of the New Silk Road promises business opportunities. DB Cargo reacts by launching a new subsidiary to increase rail freight transport between China and Europe. DB Cargo Transasia is now amplifying DB Cargo's presence in China, thanks to their headquarters in Shanghai.

As global supply chains demand environmentally friendly and reliable freight transport grows, cargo companies try to meet the requests of their clients to a full extent. Europe's largest freight railroad got established by DB Cargo Transasia, giving its services in Asia a significant boost. This fact allows DB to connect traffic on the New Silk Road to the European DB Cargo system. This connection allows trains to travel to 18 European countries. 

DB Cargo Transasia in the union now offers more than 10,000 kilometers of supply chains and a wide variety of services faster and from a single source, making rail freight more lucrative and appealing for ambitious clientele. Transport along the trans-Eurasian corridor is significantly faster than by container ship and costs only a tenth of comparable air shipping services.

DB Cargo established several new connections this year, linking China and Europe, most recently the new Shanghai – Hamburg – Shanghai connection at the end of September. DB Cargo Eurasia operates transportation on more than ten routes.

China was Germany's most important trading partner of 2020, five years in a row. According to industry estimates, more than 12,000 trains did travel on the Eurasian corridor in 2020. Recent growth rates put the increase at 3,000 trains per year.

DB plans to grow its capacities from 200,000 containers (TEU) on the Eurasian corridor to 500,000 containers by 2025, based on the global environmental crisis data. Freight trains generate roughly 95% fewer carbon emissions than airplanes and nearly 80% to 100% lower emissions than comparable road transport. 

Understandably, the company had to go through personnel changes to be able to reach its full potential. 

Andreas Lübs oversees the company. By December 1, Tabea Klang will assume the role of Managing Director for Sales (CSO).

  • Andreas Lübs joined DB Cargo Eurasia in 2018 and has been instrumental in developing and expanding business on the Eurasian corridor. Before being appointed CEO, he served as the company's CFO.
  • Tabea Klang gained important professional experience with the OECD in Central Asia and through her studies in Moscow. She will contribute in-depth knowledge of the DB Group from her work as Executive Assistant to the Member of the Deutsche Bahn AG Management Board for Freight Transport/Chair of the Management Board of DB Cargo AG. In addition, she speaks five languages and is therefore in an excellent position to further advance DB Cargo AG's global network and international business as CSO.