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DB Cargo Polska successfully implements the concept of Industry 4.0

DB Cargo Polska successfully implements the concept of Industry 4.0
photo: DB/DB
05 / 07 / 2021

DB Cargo Polska is an international rail freight carrier and one of the largest players on the railway market in Poland. The company was founded in 2009 and currently forms a strong group in the logistics and transport segment. The company specializes in transport of bulk carrier, automotive, special and oversize cargo and recently also on intermodal transport, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

The company also operates a rolling stock production and maintenance plant in Silesia (Rybnik), where one of the most modern  refurbishment pipelines for the regeneration of wheelsets, which, according to its scope and innovation, can feel like the realization of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

It is an innovative, automated, highly technologically advanced space, which allows for wheelset maintenance of the wheelsets to the highest world standard – of up to 10,000 wheelsets a year – says Michał Batko, Director of Asset Management, Manufacturing and Maintenance at DB Cargo Polska..

The line consists of 24 workstations arranged along three independent repair lines. The mainline is the place to carry out P4 and P5 repairs according to Polish DSU (Maintenance System Documentation) or IS1 and IS2 according to the VPI system. Axle boxes (IS LU) are repaired on the second line while the third line is where IS0 repairs and EVIC inspections are performed. The whole line is interconnected with technological tracks with turntables, allowing the autonomous battery trucks to shunt the wheelsets between the working stands. The entire regeneration process is fully supported by IT solutions.

DB Cargo Polska invests intensely in the renewal of its own fleet. This year, the company purchased four modern multisystem locomotives Vectron and seventy 80‘ platform cars, and twenty-one 90‘ platform cars.