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DB Cargo has won a ten-year contract and is investing in a long-term partnership with ArcelorMittal

DB Cargo has won a ten-year contract and is investing in a long-term partnership with ArcelorMittal
photo: Eisenhüttenstadt
20 / 11 / 2020

DB Cargo has won a contract for the transport of material for company ArcelorMittal, which is the world's largest steel producer. The contract is to last 10 years and is scheduled to start in the summer of 2021. DB Cargo cars will transport material for blast furnaces in one of the largest steel complexes in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany.

The signing of this contract requires extensive investments by DB Cargo. Specifically, it concerns the purchase of 352 multifunctional twin cars. DB Cargo will also have to purchase 1 408 special containers, which are designed for the transport of iron ore, limestone and coke.

DB Cargo's partner in the field of new technologies is the company Innofreight, which for this contract proposed the optimization of the volume of truck load in relation to the transported raw materials. Innofreight will also build two semi-automatic loading and unloading facilities for this contract directly at the German Eisenhüttenstadt plant. Thanks to these facilities, DB Cargo will be able to transport up to 4,2 million tons of required raw materials per year. Innofreight will also operate these semi-automatic loading and unloading equipment. Both facilities should be completed by summer 2021 and once ready, the project will be launched.

DB Cargo and the ArcelorMittal are developing a long-term cooperation through a new ten-year agreement. DB Cargo vehicles will transport raw materials and finished steel to ArcelorMittal's target customers, primarily in the automotive industry. Investments under this contract are thus an investment in a long-term partnership for the DB Cargo.

The new needed wagons will have a number of technical innovations. For example, they will have a particularly durable bottom frame. At the same time, the removable body will remain flexible to allow more frequent replacement. If these parameters are not sufficient, DB Cargo is ready to adjust the body according to specific changes in requirements.

According to specially adapted containers, it will also be possible to increase the load of each train by approximately 20 %. Thanks to this, the number of required trains will be effectively reduced. A great advantage is the automatic unloading and loading of trains, that will not only speed up the upload and unload but will also reduce dust and noise. Thanks to the higher efficiency of the whole operation, new standards are being introduced in the area of ​​efficiency, environmental protection and occupational safety.