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DAC4EU demonstrator train moves to its next destination: Styria

DAC4EU demonstrator train moves to its next destination: Styria
photo: DAC4EU press materials/DAC4EU demonstrator train moves to its next destination: Styria
25 / 02 / 2022

Prototypes of the DAC (Digital Automatic Coupling) have been under comprehensive testing in Austria since the beginning of February. Next stop? Styria.

It is already part of the future ideas in railways and is expected to make a significant contribution to the rail freight transformation. Almost a month now are the prototypes being tested in Austria. This entails various tests at several stations and industrial sidings in the country. After Austria, the DAC4EU demonstrator train will head to Switzerland.

At Selzthal and Eisenerz, the train was put through displacement tests at platforms. Coupling and decoupling tests and also the initial shunting tests. This test is made by a push from a locomotive and afterward, the uncoupled wagon group rolls independently.

Dry runs were next on the agenda, like for example to Bad Ischl in Upper Austria. Data was collected using different types of measuring equipment. For ex. GPS trackers, pressure sensors, force sensors, acceleration sensors, and speed sensors. All this data will help to ensure the further development of the DAC so the service of this tool will be as smooth as possible.


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