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Cyber-Partisans attacked the network of Belarusian Railways

Cyber-Partisans attacked the network of Belarusian Railways
photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus/Cyber-Partisans attacked the network of Belarusian Railways
25 / 01 / 2022

On Monday, January 24, the Belarusian railway system collapsed, and the state carrier's servers and electronic services ceased to function. Hacker group, "Cyber-partisan of Belarus, joined the attack. The action aimed to slow down and disrupt the operation of the railway site, for arriving trains from Russia with the army and military equipment.

The Hackers reported on social media that they had encrypted most of the Belarusian railways' servers, databases, and workstations as part of the "Hell" cyber campaign. It responds to the planned joint Russian-Belarusian military maneuvers' Allied Resolve 2022 ''. The exercise will take place from 10 to February 20 at the Ukrainian border, i.e., when significant Russian forces get deployed with Ukraine and relations between Russia and NATO remain very tense. According to available information, more than 30 trains with Russian soldiers and military equipment have recently arrived in Belarus, while 200 trains with military cargo have arrived in Belarus.

Official Belarusian Railways has announced that the collapse was due to technical reasons, and work is currently underway to restore system performance.