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CTL Logistics Wins a Railway Transport Office Award in Safety Culture Competition

CTL Logistics Wins a Railway Transport Office Award in Safety Culture Competition
photo: CTL Logistics on LinkedIn/CTL Logistics Wins a Railway Transport Office Award in Safety Culture Competition
16 / 12 / 2022

Last week, during the VI Conference on Safety Culture, the activities of the Signatories of the draft Declaration on the development of a safety culture in rail transport were summarised and the awards of the winners of the Competition were presented. In the category 'Technical solution', CTL Logistics was awarded for the 'Project for the installation of an integrated sobriety testing system on CTL Logistics locomotives.'

CTL Logistics has been a signatory to the Declaration on the Development of a Culture of Safety in Rail Transport since 2016 and, over the years, has undertaken several initiatives to ensure the proper supervision of risks associated with freight operations. The SMS Safety Management System, the building of training competencies based on the company's own training and examination centre for train drivers, a mobile simulator, and the implementation of modern software for managing railway operator processes are all tools that have been implemented to improve safety and eliminate risks.

Grzegorz Bogacki, President of CTL Logistics, says, "The missing element in increasing safety was effective supervision of the psycho-physical state of employees employed by the company before they were allowed to carry out activities in locations other than Sosnowiec. This aspect was also pointed out by inspectors of the Railway Transport Office, which undoubtedly influenced the decision to introduce a sobriety testing system on CTL Logistics locomotives. After almost a year of use, I can say with full conviction that the decision to implement, despite many legal complexities, was the right one, and the system is effective and contributes to an increase in the level of safety on the railway."

Marek Gryciuk, Director of Transport Safety, adds, "The topic was complicated because no one in the railway market has dealt with similar solutions so far. We became forerunners in this area on the railways, although we asked the road market for solutions. Efficiency, while not interfering with the design of locomotives, was important. We also assessed the legal risks associated with unclear regulations for preventive testing of employees for sobriety. The decision to introduce a project to install breathalysers was a clear declaration of 'ZERO TOLERATION'. The system is now operational on 12 locomotives, and more than 7,000 tests have been performed in the field whenever an employee starts and finishes duty, but it is also possible to test while the locomotive is stationary. The real-time result is visible on several levels - in dispatching, operations, safety."

CTL Logistics is steadily increasing the safety factor year after year. In 2021, one total accident was recorded per 290,000 train kilometres performed, and this year so far, there has been one total accident per 700,000 train kilometres performed. In 2021, a culpable accident was recorded once per 910,000 train kilometres performed, i.e., the safety rate per 1 million train kilometres performed was 1.42. In 2022, there are no such accidents, which means more than 400 days without culpable accidents at CTL Logistics.

Source: CTL Logistics Press Releases