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CFL Cargo and Bombardier Transportation have signed an agreement to supply ten Traxx MS locomotives

CFL Cargo and Bombardier Transportation have signed an agreement to supply ten Traxx MS locomotives
photo: MS locomotives
23 / 11 / 2020

Ten new innovative locomotives of the Traxx MS type will run on European railways. Bombardier Transportation and CFL Cargo have signed a supply contract.

Some of the delivered Traxx MS locomotives will also be equipped with the innovative Last Mile diesel system. Thanks to it, it is possible to operate locomotives outside electrified lines, for example in terminals. The locomotives thus offer the innovative future of international rail transport. The abbreviation MS after their name refers to the so-called multi-system, which means that this electric locomotive is capable of operation on AC /DC railway electrification systems, often needed for cross-border traffic.

The locomotives should provide a rail link between Central Europe and France. The locomotives will be certified for journeys in the following countries: Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Belgium and France.

"We are very pleased to be the first railway operator to expand its business offer with an optimized rail solution for the East West European Corridor. The new TRAXX multi-system locomotives will allow us to easily cross many borders as a lorry, providing our clients with a competitive transport solution that will help achieve the European New Green Deal's goal of increasing rail's share of total European traffic to 30 per cent by 2030." Laurence Zenner, Executive Director of Purchasing at CFL Cargo, told the media.

For Bombardier, the new Traxx MS locomotive is the third generation of locomotives of this type. The company was thus able to build on solid foundations. About 2.000 Traxx-type locomotive operates on the railway. The locomotives run in twenty countries and cover about 300 million kilometers a year.

CFL Cargo specializes in international and cross-border transportation. It operates in six countries. It focuses primarily on connections between Luxembourg and European ports. CFL Cargo, together with its sister company CFL multimodal, also deals with intermodal transportation.

Dual-powered locomotives are a major trend in rail freight. Many companies are marketing these innovative locomotives. The big motivation is environmental protection, which is an increasingly mentioned topic in connection with rail transport. Hybrid locomotives can use electrified lines, where the direct emission value is completely zero. Outside the electrified line, the locomotive can switch to diesel propulsion. In the short future, these locomotives can be expected to run much more frequently on the railway market.