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Čd Cargo will have a new boss, Tomáš Tóth will be promoted from the position of executive director

Čd Cargo will have a new boss, Tomáš Tóth will be promoted from the position of executive director
photo: Foto: ČD Cargo/Tomáš Tóth
01 / 12 / 2020

What has been happening behind the scenes of the Czech Railways company in recent days could literally be called a personnel revolution. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo should be appointed to the position of Director of Czech Railways. Tomáš Tóth should take the lead at ČD Cargo. He currently holds the position of Executive Director of ČD Cargo.

Ivan Bednárik told the media yesterday: “The current executive director Tomáš Tóth is ready to take on a greater degree of responsibility for ČD Cargo if the above facts occur. He has been working for the company since its establishment in 2007”.

Who is Tomáš Tóth? He graduated from the Faculty of Transport in Pardubice. He has been with ČD Cargo for more than thirteen years and during that time has shown that he is a very capable manager. He started as a project manager, then became chief financial officer and then was promoted to executive director. Tóth can be proud that the state-owned enterprise was profitable for his work. There were also investments in the vehicle fleet. Above all, the concept of renewal and sustainability of ČD Cargo vehicles.

In an interview with the ČD Cargo Bulletin, Tomáš Tóth stated: “We have renewed almost 250 high-walled trucks from the Eanos series and another 20 Zacns large-volume tanks. We are also expanding our fleet of platform trucks and diesel locomotives. "

During Tóth's tenure, a branch was established in Hungary and ČD Cargo established its position on the Austrian market. From official statistics, it is clear that the carrier was also successful in Germany, where over 1,000 trains were dispatched within a few months.

The situation in ČD Cargo will not be easy now. A difficult task awaits Tóth. As with other carriers, ČD Cargo suffered financial losses due to a decrease in shipments in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, ČD Cargo managed to maintain a relatively stable economy.