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ČD Cargo sells its locomotives. Bids to be submitted until 16th of February.

ČD Cargo sells its locomotives. Bids to be submitted until 16th of February.
photo: Archives/ČD Cargo´s locomotive
29 / 01 / 2021

A new opportunity has emerged on the railway market. After a year, ČD Cargo sells some locomotives from its fleet again. This time there are 26 locomotives to be sold. The starting price ranges from EUR 16.500 to EUR 185.000. However, the locomotives are not in full working condition and it is necessary to invest in their repairs. This is also one of the main reasons for the sale.

The information about the tender was confirmed to the Czech media by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo, Mr. Tomáš Tóth: "These are incomplete machines that have been shut down for a long time and whose re-commissioning would be unprofitable for us."

The locomotives that are to be sold are both diesel and electric machines. Among them are, for example, "Irons" series 110 and 210. There is also "Barča" (Bardotka) series 749 and 751 or "Ústí nad Labem electrics" 121 and 122. The most expensive locomotive is the aforementioned "Barča", whose sales prices could exceed EUR 200.000 per one machine.

The locomotives are currently located in the ČD Cargo’s depots in major railway junctions of the Czech Republic. Interested parties can apply for a tender with their bid until 16th of February 2021. ČD Cargo will then select the winner on the base of the highest price offered. However, the offered price must never fall below the price stated in the documentation.

This project is one of the largest events for the sale of ČD Cargo’s locomotives, which are no longer actively used. Similar sales session on the Czech railway market also took place last year. At that time, five passenger rail cars and nine locomotives were offered and sold.