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CARGOUNIT took over another Vectron MS 'Orzech' locomotive. Lotos Kolej will use it in international transport

CARGOUNIT took over another Vectron MS 'Orzech' locomotive. Lotos Kolej will use it in international transport
photo: Marcin Górecki/Linkedin/CARGOUNIT took over another Vectron MS 'Orzech' locomotive. Lotos Kolej will use it in international transport.
25 / 03 / 2022

CARGOUNIT, Poland's largest locomotive leasing company in Central and Eastern Europe, has received another Vectron MS Orzech locomotive under a ten-locomotives contract signed in September 2021. The company has also decided to activate an option to purchase an additional five vehicles from Siemens Mobility. The locomotive will be used for Lotos Kolej's transporter from Gdansk.

The received Vectron MS locomotive Orzech was named after Piotr Orzechowski (Chief Operating Officer), whose merits were crucial for the successful development of CARGOUNIT.

The locomotive has a power rating of 6.4 MW on AC power and 6.0 MW on DC power and is equipped with an ETCS system compliant with the current specifications (Baseline 3).  In the 2021 contract, the Vectron locomotives are intended for operation in Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and the Netherlands, as well as Romania and Bulgaria. What's important, Vectron flatcars, the only modern locomotives in Europe, have already been approved for operation in up to 20 European countries.

CARGOUNIT has already purchased a total of 18 locomotives from Siemens Mobility. The company has also decided to launch an option for 5 Vectron MS locomotives with the possibility to order 15 more vehicles by 2023. CARGOUNIT could have nearly 40 Siemens locomotives in its fleet in total.

"Vectron's modern multi-system locomotives are the key to a wide range of transport tasks throughout Europe and the intensive development of the intermodal segment particularly. We are pleased that CARGOUNIT, our leading Polish customer, is developing its presence on the Polish and European market and building its competitive advantage thanks to our locomotives. This year we plan to deliver more vehicles from the Vectron and Smartron platforms to CARGOUNIT in record time," said Hubert Meronk, CEO of Siemens Mobility Sp. z o.o.

"We follow the changing market trends and adjust our locomotive fleet along with the growth of international, intermodal, automotive, and chemical transport. Given that there are currently no alternative multi-system locomotive platforms homologated for the markets in which our customers operate, exercising the option to purchase five additional locomotives is a natural choice for us in terms of expanding our multi-system locomotive rental offering. This locomotive will then be included in the fleet of our largest customer, Lotos Kolej, and used for international transport. We continue the tradition of naming locomotives with the names and nicknames of our employees. The locomotive to be handed over is called Orzech in honor of our colleague Piotr Orzechowski, the Chief Operating Officer, who is one of the most important personalities involved in the CARGOUNIT development," said Łukasz Boroń, CEO of CARGOUNIT Sp. z o.o.


Source: Siemens Mobility press materials