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Cargounit enters the Romanian market with Smartron: Here's all you need to know

Cargounit enters the Romanian market with Smartron: Here's all you need to know
photo: Cargounit/Cargounit enters the Romanian market with Smartron: Here's all you need to know
19 / 09 / 2022

Polish rolling stock pool Cargounit has taken delivery in Bucharest of the first Smartron locomotive dedicated to the Romanian market.

Siemens Mobility handed over a Smartron locomotive reserved for the Romanian market to Cargounit on August 25 in Bucharest. "Cargounit is going beyond Poland and strengthening its presence in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has been using modern Vectron locomotives for years and is now expanding its portfolio with another of our vehicles - a Smartron locomotive dedicated to the Romanian market. We are pleased that our modern and environmentally-friendly locomotives are helping the company achieve its ambitious development goals and contribute to the promotion of rail transportation in Europe," said Hubert Meronk, CEO of Siemens Mobility.

"Cargounit is consistently implementing its strategy of modernizing its locomotive fleet by purchasing modern multi-system and single-system locomotives. The key area of development for Cargounit remains the countries of Central and Eastern Europe," says Łukasz Boroń, CEO of Cargounit. Another Smartron is expected to arrive at the company this fall.

Smartron - a standardized Vectron

Smartron is a vehicle developed based on solutions from the Vectron platform, Europe's most modern locomotive, sold in more than 1,500 units. According to the manufacturer, the Smartron locomotive is adapted for operation at 15 kV or 25 kV alternating current and equipped with the PZB/LZB train control system. The vehicle is produced in the standard blue color 'Capri Blue' and is ordered through a special purchasing platform.

In December 2021, Cargounit decided to purchase two Smartron locomotives - as the first Polish railroad operator to do so. The vehicles were purchased for the Romanian market, although the Smartron locomotives are also approved for operation in Germany and Bulgaria. The electric locomotives weigh about 83 tons and have a wheelbase of 1435 mm. They have a power output of 5.4 MW and run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

Great potential in the Romanian market

"The current situation in the rail freight market in the freight segment favors the development of a fleet of locomotives for hire. Demand for modern rolling stock is growing due to the need to replace older vehicles with modern ones, as well as due to the diversion to the rail of significant volumes of goods previously exported from Ukraine by sea. We see great potential for the locomotive rental market in both the Polish and Romanian markets, which is one of the largest rail markets in Central and Eastern Europe," says CEO Lukasz Boroń.

The final user of the new vehicle will be Unicom Tranzit, a private rail freight carrier and forwarder operating in Romania since 1994. "We are pleased that our new customer Unicom Tranzit has decided to choose the lease offer of two Smartron locomotives from Cargounit, which is one of the first entities offering the lease of modern locomotives on the Romanian market. Our area of interest is to increase the number of leased Smartron locomotives on the Romanian market as well as in neighboring Bulgaria. We are convinced that the Smartron locomotive, based on Siemens Mobility's proven solutions, is the right choice for local carriers looking for a modern and reliable locomotive with the highest technical efficiency," concluded Łukasz Boroń.


Source: Cargounit Press Releases


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