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CargoBeamer Unveils Enhanced Terminal and More Rotations on Key European Line

CargoBeamer Unveils Enhanced Terminal and More Rotations on Key European Line
photo: CargoBeamer/CargoBeamer Unveils Enhanced Terminal and More Rotations on Key European Line
08 / 09 / 2023

CargoBeamer, a leading operator of rail connections and terminals for non-craneable semi-trailers in Europe, is further expanding its best-developed line. The route between Kaldenkirchen (Germany) and Domodossola (Italy) consists of 17 weekly rotations since the end of August. Since it runs on the Simplon corridor and through the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, CargoBeamer could ensure unobstructed operations of the line in recent weeks which were dominated by the Gotthard tunnel incident. Additionally, the new schedule now represents the highest density of trains ever operated by CargoBeamer on this line and serves as the highest frequency on a route in transalpine intermodal traffic between two terminals for craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers in Europe.

With the new schedule, CargoBeamer offers its customers great flexibility with up to four daily departures in each direction. As is customary on CargoBeamer connections, customers can send non-craneable semi-trailers, P400, refrigerated, and silo trailers in addition to craneable semi-trailers and containers. The transport of each unit reduces the CO2 footprint by an average of 79%, with the remaining emissions being offset by CargoBeamer via CO2 certificates, making all shipments entirely carbon neutral. CargoBeamer continues to work with BLS Cargo as the traction partner.

The growing capacity of the Domodossola terminal

Since early September, construction works to expand capacity at the CargoBeamer terminal in Domodossola have been completed. CargoBeamer had acquired the property in 2021 and has been handling the first trains by using reachstackers since March 2022. The expansion includes extending the three existing tracks for reach stacker loading and shunting to around 700 meters each, asphalting further areas, and creating additional parking areas for semi-trailers. Overall, the terminals' capacity increases from 2 to 5 train pairs per day, with the expansion eliminating the need to split trains into two parts. Some trains will continue to be handled inside the nearby Domo2 terminal, of which DB Cargo Transa/FLS is the operator. In the next step, CargoBeamer plans to install its own horizontal transshipment technology, turning Domodossola into a central hub for intermodal routes in transalpine traffic.

Nicolas Albrecht, Chief Executive Officer at CargoBeamer, says: "The expansion of the frequency on our historically strongest line Kaldenkirchen – Domodossola is another step in growing our market share for transports between the Germany/Benelux area and Italy. The new schedule of 17 weekly rotations reflects our ambition and commitment to the transalpine corridor. In parallel to the new frequency, we are working on expanding Kaldenkirchen and Domodossola into important cornerstones of our network as state-of-the-art CargoBeamer terminals with high capacities."

Source: CargoBeamer