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Captrain Polska and PKP Energetyka want to jointly green the railways in Poland

Captrain Polska and PKP Energetyka want to jointly green the railways in Poland
photo: Captrain press materials/Captrain Polska and PKP Energetyka want to jointly green the railways in Poland
02 / 01 / 2022

Captrain Polska and PKP Energetyka signed a letter of intent in which the rail freight carrier declared its willingness to purchase traction electricity from renewable sources under the Green Railway Program. Its goal is to transform rail transport in Poland into green energy.

Captrain Polska is part of the international Rail Logistics Europe group, belonging to the French SNCF, present in most countries of Western Europe. It transports goods, products, and raw materials for various sectors of the steel, chemical, construction, and energy industries. In addition to domestic transport, it also operates in cross-border transport as part of the East-West communication corridor. Thanks to cooperation with railways in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia, the company is active in the field of rail logistics services to and from Eastern Europe. The carrier operates about 30 locomotives. Signing a letter of intent with PKP Energetyka begins work on an agreement with a railway electricity supplier, thanks to which Captrain Polska will receive green electricity from solar and wind power plants – we read in the release.

– We are committed to continuous and sustainable development. Therefore, joining the Green Railway Program, implemented by PKP Energetyka, will be a natural step for us. The use of electricity from renewable sources will allow us to offer ecological services as part of a green supply chain – environmentally friendly, with a reduced carbon footprint – said Paweł Szczapiński, CEO of Captrain Polska.

The Green Railway program was created by the industry initiative of the Railway Energy Efficiency Center (CEEK). Its integrator is PKP Energetyka. The aim of the Program is to change the power sources of railways in Poland. In 2025, 50 percent of the electricity used by trains in Poland is to come from renewable energy, in 2030 85 percent, and ultimately 100 percent.

Source: PKP Energetyka 


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