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Bulmarket Rail Cargo modernizes its fleet with customized locomotives and wagons

Bulmarket Rail Cargo modernizes its fleet with customized locomotives and wagons
photo: Bulmarket Rail Cargo/Bulmarket Rail Cargo
09 / 06 / 2021

Bulmarket Rail Cargo Ltd. is part of BULMARKET GROUP and is the first & biggest private railway undertaking in Bulgaria. The company is focused in providing tailor-made solutions for its clients in sectors such as petrochemical , agricultural , construction , steel and others .

Bulmarket performs domestic, international and transit railway transport thorough Bulgaria. The company operates on all border crossings and organizes shunting operations in the big Black Sea ports, as well as all major industrial areas in Bulgaria. Bulmarket delivers additional services such as customs representation, forwarding services, maintenance of wagons and fleet management .

Currently the company operates with 30 electric and diesel locomotives and own fleet of over 800 wagons such as railway tank cars, hopper wagons, open wagons for general cargo, among others. The private fleet of locomotives increased in 2020 with the introduce of 2 Smartron Siemens and 4 EA3000 locomotives in order to further the agenda for more sustainable modernization of the company. More than 250 and counting employees are making sure that every single operation is executed properly 24/7.

In 2021 Bulmarket Rail Cargo is due to recycle some of its older wagons and substitute them with the latest generation of innovative ones in order to follow the new requirements, issued by EU. Additional  electrical locomotives are also due to be delivered, as well as the beginning of the implementation of battery charged shunting locomotives in order to meet the demands of more clients. The company recently purchased the oldest locomotive and wagon factory in Ruse, Bulgaria, constructed in 1866. The goal is to modernize the factory by developing a brand new modern production line and research and development center, which would serve the increasing demand of new high-tech wagons and locomotives for the company and its partners.