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Bulgarian Railway Company (BRC): The first Bulgarian private railway company

Bulgarian Railway Company (BRC): The first Bulgarian private railway company
photo: Ivo Radoev/Pinterest/Bulgarian Railway Company (BRC)
20 / 05 / 2021

BRC is licensed for performing domestic and international freight transport. The company was established in 2004 with 100 % private capital. BRC EAD is a part of S.C.GRAMPET S.A., Romania, one of the strongest groups of companies in South-Eastern Europe in the field of railway transportation and related activities:- Freight Railway Transport Services;- Logistic and forwarding services;- Building, maintenance, and modernization of passenger and freight wagons in their own workshops and factories.

The scope of activity performed by BRC is freight transport on domestic and international traffic.

The realization of the service is achieved by organizing the means of transport in loaded and unloaded conditions by ensuring the movement of the wagons with a suitable train organization in compliance with a specific approach to every customer.

The main focal points of BRC strategy in addition to increasing its international activities are linking together all modes of transport and building overlapping and comprehensive intermodal transport and logistic chains. This is how the company is meeting the changing challenges posed by the market, which is demanding increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly services from a single source.

The company's ambitions are to keep up with modern trends in freight transport and its leadership in the logistics business is supported by extremely highly educated and experienced staff.

Rolling stock

At present BRC uses rolling stock like the one used in all European countries:

- The company operates with electric diesel and diesel-hydraulic locomotives with various traction power.

- All the locomotives are well maintained and most of them have also been modernized in accordance with the requirements imposed by European Railway Legislation.

Wagon fleet

BRC operates with all types of wagons property of the client or hired ones. The wagons provided by the clients depend on the specifics of the production technology and the production of the client.

BRC EAD has signed rental contracts for wagons with GFR SA and Rolling Stock Company SA, which belong to the group SC GRAMPET SA Romania, but also with VTG, Ermewa, and On Rail. This gives the opportunity for a quick reaction for the fulfillment of the customers’ needs and contracts.

Management and human resources

The company is managed by a Board of Directors. An Executive Director is elected by the Board of Directors represents and manages BRC EAD.

The managers and Analytical Specialists possess higher technical and economic education.

We believe that the team manages the company with competence responsiveness and respect towards the customers to ensure prompt and efficient service.

The company staff has extensive experience and qualifications in the fields of maintenance operation of rolling stock, marketing, and economics which enables BRC efficiently and reliably to implement corporate procurement of service. The railway transport specialists are responsible for the technical exploitation of rolling stock and railway equipment. Also, regular training about new technologies and methods is provided for the team.

BRC Regional offices:





-Gorna Oryahovitsa


Border offices:



-Dimitrovgrad (Serbia)

Strategic priorities of BRC EAD:

- railway business with individual approach to each client;

- creating value for the customers;

- providing operational and excellent service;

- delivering safely and responsibly;

- development on technological level for better satisfaction of the needs of our customers