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Budamar offers a regular line from Czech – Polish border to the port of Koper

Budamar offers a regular line from Czech – Polish border to the port of Koper
photo: Rok Žnidarčič/
12 / 02 / 2021

The Budamar Group offers its customers new transport line from the Czech town Ostrava to the Slovenian port of Koper. Complete trains are being transported. Budamar Group uses part of its passenger carriers and part of the services of its contractual partners for this transport.

Within these integrated trains, steel material from Ostrava steelworks is transported. In Koper, this material is transferred to ships, which then take it by sea to the target customer.

Trains run regularly every day. Trains pass through the Kúty border crossing and cross the center of Bratislava and Petržalka to Rajka and from there on to Hungary. They pass through Hodoš and Ljubljana and then head to their destination, the port of Koper.

Exclusions are currently being dealt with in Slovenia. For this reason, it is possible that the timetable of these trains will be adjusted.

These sets are towed by Vectron-type locomotives manufactured by Siemens. Vectrony Budamar Group will comfortably transport the set to the destination station in Koper without the need to replace the locomotive.

Central European tycoons are still interested in Slovenia and Croatia. The reason is mainly but not only the access to the seaports and the possibility to carry the cargo to central and Eastern Europe - and back - by rail. Recently we refer about such an attempt of the Budamar Group with the iconic Vectron locomotive in the article here.