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Multiple Accidents on the Czech Railway. A Freight Train Killed a Person

Multiple Accidents on the Czech Railway. A Freight Train Killed a Person
photo: Archive/Multiple Accidents on the Czech Railway. A Freight Train Killed a Person
09 / 12 / 2022

A total of three freight train cars derailed in the sections Brno - Královo Pole and Brno - Židenice. According to Railway Inspectorate spokesman Martin Drápal, the accident was avoided without injuries. However, there is now limited traffic on the line. A passenger train also derailed in the morning near Bzenec in the Hodonín region – a person was hit and killed by a freight train at the same place. Traffic was suspended until at least 12:30, the Czech Railways said.

"Three carriages of a freight train derailed in Brno Maloměřice at 2:15 a.m., no one was injured in this accident. Damage at the scene of the accident was estimated at a total of CZK 5 million. One million is on the train, four on the infrastructure," Martin Drápal told According to him, the investigation is continuing, and they expected that at least during the morning, the damage would be removed. They were unable to estimate exactly how long it would take.

Trains are currently running only on one track in the direction of Brno - Královo Pole, where traffic was partially restored about three hours after the accident. It was estimated that the restrictions would last until noon.
Another accident occurred on the line between Breclav and Prerov, where a passenger train derailed, and, at the same moment, a freight train hit a man who was killed immediately on impact.

Martin Drápal commented on the situation as follows, "We have a report that at approximately 6:15, a freight train collided with a person at the level crossing between Moravský Písek and Bzenec."

The accidents have caused traffic to stop on the central corridor from Austria to Poland. Regional services are being replaced by a bus service between Hodonín and Moravský Písek. However, for international trains, it is more complicated, and the transport cannot be replaced by a bus, says Petr Št'ahlavský, spokesman for Czech Railways. This restriction is likely to affect five international services – Vindobona, Moravia, Polonia, Porta Moravica, Sobieski and Báthory.