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Bombardier to deliver 10 TRAXX locomotives to ČD Cargo. Recent leasing of Vectrons is a solution for the bridging period.

Bombardier to deliver 10 TRAXX locomotives to ČD Cargo. Recent leasing of Vectrons is a solution for the bridging period.
photo: ČD Cargo/ČD Cargo TRAXX´s locomotive
04 / 02 / 2021

Expand to foreign markets is one of the strategic goals of ČD Cargo. To meet this aim, they need more up-to-date traction machines, so they buy and rent locomotives.

The reason for temporary renting is simple. ČD Cargo has ordered 10 interoperable Bombardier TRAXX MS3 locomotives. However, their delivery was delayed. The locomotives are already manufactured, but they do not have all the necessary permits. Bombardier has already covered 160,000 kilometers with these locomotives during a test run.

It is these interoperable locomotives that ČD Cargo has acquired mainly thanks to new orders that the company manages to close abroad. In the last three years, ČD Cargo has managed to obtain operating licenses in all neighbouring countries with the Czech Republic. Since October 2020, ČD Cargo trains can also run to Hungary.

Recently ČD Cargo leased a total of seven Vectron-type locomotives manufactured by Siemens. The seventh locomotive was delivered this week. The locomotives were supplied by several leasing companies.

ČD Cargo leased Vectron locomotives from a total of three leasing entities. Five locomotives were leased from Alpha Trains Group based in Luxembourg, one was leased from ELL Germany and one from Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE). The companies were selected in a public tender in the form of an electronic auction.

The last locomotive was delivered by Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE). It remained in the original red colour; however, it has the ČD Cargo logo on it. This temporary sticker most likely means that the locomotive will be replaced by another locomotive during the lease term.

The locomotive from ELL Germany was also decorated with the logos of the ČD Group benefaction fund “Railway with the heart”. It was created last year. It aims to help railway workers in difficult life situations.

"Our partners, railway fans or friends of railway workers can also support the activities of the benefaction fund. That is why it is important to be known and seen because it helps those who shape rail transport in our country every day. That is why ČD Cargo has provided the Siemens Vectron locomotive with a special sticker, which will commemorate the mission of the benefaction fund “Railway with the heart” that unites us on the railroads through the Czech Republic,“ said Ing. Tomáš Tóth, the Chairman of the Board of ČD Cargo.