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ÖBB RCG Partners with MFD Rail to Bolster Multimodal Transport Solutions

ÖBB RCG Partners with MFD Rail to Bolster Multimodal Transport Solutions
photo: Andreas Scheiblecker / ÖBB/MOBILER
08 / 12 / 2023

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is enhancing its multimodal transport capabilities via a strategic partnership with MFD Rail, a Swiss wagon rental company. This collaboration aims to integrate 600 additional container wagons into RCG's operations and significantly boost the company's logistics solutions.

Committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, MFD Rail custom-designed these wagons for RCG's needs, particularly suitable for MOBILER containers, allowing for crane-free transfers between trains and trucks, and optimizing the transportation of waste in line with the amended Waste Management Act (AWG).

MFD Rail / Public domain

Over 200,000 tons of waste transport contracts have already been secured for 2023, with significant growth anticipated in 2024. The first tranche of 100 wagons is already in use, with an additional 100 slated for delivery in the first half of 2024, diversifying RCG's services in waste disposal logistics.

"As a lessor of a 100% green financed, modern, and highly available intermodal fleet, we actively promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and are committed to the transition towards CO2-free transport," stated MFD Rail. "With our shared commitment to environmentally friendly transport solutions and our pursuit of sustainability, we have created a solid basis for sustainable cooperation with RCG. By providing our multimodal wagons, we significantly contribute to upgrading RCG’s flexible logistics services and thus laying the foundation for a long-term partnership."