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ÖBB opens second part of the new Wien Süd freight terminal

ÖBB opens second part of the new Wien Süd freight terminal
photo: Simenes press materials/ÖBB locomotive
31 / 05 / 2021

"I am convinced that there will be a renaissance of rail freight transport in the next few years," said Andreas Matthä, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ÖBB Holding, at an event to mark the completion of the second phase of the freight terminal in Wien Süd on 20 May "Thanks to our planned investment, we will be able to double the capacity of rail freight transport by 2040," he said.

The first phase of the terminal near the Industrial Zone in Inzersdorf was completed in December 2016 by ÖBB Infrastruktur at a cost of EUR 246 million. Since then, ÖBB has spent an additional EUR 19 million to achieve a 50 % increase in handling capacity through the construction of two additional 700 m loading tracks and the commissioning of two other container loaders. Additional storage space can accommodate 940 TEU and there is also space for multiple truck trailers.

The terminal now has the ability to handle 310 000 containers and interchangeable superstructures per year. The planned third phase of expansion will increase throughput to 400 000 per year.

In his presentation, Matthä pointed out the reliability of rail freight transport during the Covid-19 pandemic and emphasized the railway's ability to make a significant contribution to Austria's objective of achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2040 and to the EUROPEAN Union's 2050 Green Deal call. "Every ton that travels by rail rather than road immediately saves CO2. This is the surest way to decarbonize the transport sector as quickly as possible," he continued.

Matthä also identified the economic importance of rail freight transport. According to a recent study by the Economica Institute, every euro invested by the ÖBB generates two euros of added value for the domestic economy.