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Alza Cargo takes over the first locomotive Gama Marathon

Alza Cargo takes over the first locomotive Gama Marathon
photo: Cargo
03 / 06 / 2021

PESA Bydgoszcz S.A. handed the first locomotive Gama Marathon ordered by the company Rail Capital Partners for carriers Alza Cargo.

 The company specializes in container transport, transport of aggregates, and oversized logs, and its strategy implies dynamic development of intermodal transport activities. Gamma Marathon leased from RCP will be used, among other things, to repair trains heading to port terminals in Gdansk and Gdynia.

"At AlzaCargo, we focus on environmentally friendly solutions, timely deliveries are key for us and our customers, especially handling and operation times in ground terminals and ports. Thanks to the 'last mile', the Gama Marathon locomotives perfectly suit our needs. " - said Wojciech Nastawny, board member and SMS representative Alza Cargo, during the handing over of the locomotive,

RCP systematically increases the number of vehicles leased by freight carriers.

At the moment, the company has 27 locomotives, 23 of which are Gams produced by PESA. RCP clients are the largest rail carriers on the Polish market. CEO Ireneusz Kozłowski emphasized that - 

"RCP is constantly increasing the number of vehicles in its fleet, there will be 34 vehicles in September. According to our strategy, we want modern and environmentally friendly locomotives to run on the Polish line. And we are currently offering these vehicles to our customers. "

The Gamma Marathon is an electric locomotive with a commuter internal combustion engine. This solution allows trains to be operated on lines without electric traction and is mainly used for shunting work in ports or mines.

"Thanks to the Gama Marathon commuter module, carriers do not have to use additional locomotives to move. I am glad that this practical, economic, and environmentally friendly solution is appreciated by other customers. " - said Maciej Maciejewski, member of the board of directors and sales director of PESA Bydgoszcz SA.

PESA is constantly developing the GAMA platform. In addition to the 111Ed, 111E, and 111Db locomotives already in operation in Poland, the company will soon offer its customers a 111DE locomotive with two drives, which will be adapted for operation both under the traction network and on non-electrified lines.