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Alstom Provides Four Traxx MS3 Locomotives to PCC Intermodal for Low-Emission Transport Solutions

Alstom Provides Four Traxx MS3 Locomotives to PCC Intermodal for Low-Emission Transport Solutions
photo: Alstom/Alstom Provides Four Traxx MS3 Locomotives to PCC Intermodal for Low-Emission Transport Solutions
05 / 07 / 2023

Alstom delivered four new Traxx MS3 multisystem locomotives to the leading intermodal operator - PCC Intermodal SA by the end of June. The contract that includes the delivery of four electric locomotives, together with the certification, the training of PCC Intermodal staff and the provision of full maintenance service, was executed within the “Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment” activity aiming at promoting and introducing low-emission transport solutions.

Intermodal transport, in and through Poland, has been developing for the second decade. Thanks to manufacturers consciously choosing modern logistics solutions, determination, patience and foresight of intermodal operators, the industry has gained a stable position on the market and is an important element in shaping the transport policy in the country and abroad. There are currently modern transhipment terminals operating in Poland, the most important economic regions of Poland are connected by a network of daily intermodal services with economically important regions of our neighbours and the railway has been given a chance to experience its second youth in the form of container deliveries.

“To develop further and open new corridors for intermodal transport,  in addition to investments in fully functional transhipment terminals, we need appropriate technical facilities: locomotives, reloading equipment, wagons, chassis and trucks. By adding to the company’s fleet next Traxx locomotives, PCC Intermodal, operating, in total, 15 electric locomotives, under its own licences will be able to expand and increase the flexibility of its offer of daily intermodal connections in international corridors,” said Adam Adamek, Vice-President of the Management Board of PCC Intermodal SA.

“We are very pleased that Traxx 3 MS locomotives became part of PCC Intermodal SA feel. These vehicles are based on the newest, most modern, and innovative locomotive platform, characterised by its energy efficiency, its proven ability to pull higher loads than comparable locomotives, its simplified interface with the European Train Control System and improved maintainability. We are convinced that the Traxx 3 MS locomotive will strengthen PCC’s Intermodal market position and will contribute to the further development of sustainable and low-emission European Transport Network” – commented Sławomir Cyza, Managing Director Poland, Ukraine, and Baltic States at Alstom.

The Traxx platform has been steadily developed since the 90s. Its strong, modular platform approach results in various advantages for single as well as multi-country applications. The third generation Traxx locomotive delivers increased operational performance and reliability and comes with a higher energy efficiency and its maintenance intervals have been extended by 33% to improve availability and reduce maintenance effort, compared to earlier versions. More than 2500 units have been sold over the last 20 years. They have been approved in 20 countries and cover a total annual distance of more than 300 million km. Over 5,700 Alstom locomotives have been put into operation since 2000 and are used in railway transport in many European countries as well as in Asia, North America, and Africa.

Source: Alstom