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Alstom Presents a Complete Portfolio of Its High- and Very-High-Speed Trains. What Trains Represent the Company's Lineup?

Alstom Presents a Complete Portfolio of Its High- and Very-High-Speed Trains. What Trains Represent the Company's Lineup?
photo: Alstom/Alstom Presents a Complete Portfolio of Its High- and Very-High-Speed Trains. What Trains Represent the Company's Lineup?
05 / 05 / 2022

French multinational company Alstom, which operates in the global rail transport market, has unveiled a complete portfolio of its high-speed and very-high-speed trains. In particular, the company's lineup includes AGV, TGV, Eurostar, and Pendolino trains, as well as suburban, regional, and metro trains and Citadis streetcars. Alstom provided us with a unique opportunity to see the entire fleet under its operation!

Alstom’s Avelia high- and very-high-speed train range covers maximum operating speeds between 200 km/h and 350 km/h. Models can be either single-deck or double-deck and with or without tilting technology. With a large portfolio, Avelia solutions are the largest offering on the market for high-speed and very-high-speed solutions. 

Tailored to needs

With the Avelia range, operators and passengers have a train that precisely matches their requirements, all supported by long-standing experience and proven technology.

SBB Pendolino connects three countries, running from Frankfurt to Milan via Basel. The vehicles are therefore equipped with three different train protection systems / Alstom

Avelia trains can be adapted to different track gauges, power supplies, car body widths, and passenger capacities, with a full choice of interiors, seat pitches, and ambiances.

Avelia trains are, of course, compliant with local and international regulations (TSI). When running in Europe, trains have embedded ERTMS signaling technology and can work on four different traction power voltages.

Comfort for all passengers

The Avelia range of solutions offers all categories of passengers the perfect journey. Carriages can be produced in standard, first-class, and business-class versions, with options for children’s areas, shops, restaurant cars, or kitchens. Climate control is efficient in even the most challenging winter environments. Passengers can also enjoy services such as onboard Wi-Fi, electric sockets and reclining seats with individual reading lights, or flexible luggage racks for skis, bicycles, and outsize luggage.

Interior design and equipment provide passengers with an exceptional travel experience / Alstom

The benefits of Tiltronix

One of Avelia Pendolino and Avelia Liberty’s most characteristic features, Tiltronix, allows trains to tilt into a bend up to 8 degrees. Tilting technology enables 30% higher speeds round bends, resulting in shorter journey times on existing conventional networks, with a minimum of new investment in the infrastructure. Tilting technology also reduces energy losses, as less braking is required before bends.

The latest Pendolino high-speed trains, produced in Italy / Alstom

Lower cost per passenger

With the articulated architecture requiring fewer bogies, the train is lighter. Energy consumption per train is thus lower, reducing operating costs.

Avelia Liberty is a very-high-speed train built for the North American market and assembled in the USA / Alstom

With a keen eye on the longer term, Alstom’s engineers designed Avelia trains to be cheaper to own throughout their life cycle. Maintenance factors are incorporated at the design phase of the trains to ensure future reliability and ease of maintenance, with costs further lowered by 10% by applying predictive maintenance techniques.

Source: Alstom Rolling Stock