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Alpha Trains Fuels Green Cargo's Modernization with Siemens Vectron Locomotives

Alpha Trains Fuels Green Cargo's Modernization with Siemens Vectron Locomotives
photo: Alpha Trains/Alpha Trains Fuels Green Cargo's Modernization with Siemens Vectron Locomotives
24 / 05 / 2023

Alpha Trains, the leading lessor of locomotives and passenger trains in Europe, is proud to announce its support of the Scandinavian freight market with brand-new Siemens Vectron AC locomotives. Green Cargo, the biggest freight operator in Sweden, has signed a long-term lease agreement for five Vectron locomotives for the Scandinavian corridor. These Vectrons are new to the market and Green Cargo is one of the first lessees. The locomotives are homologated for operation in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and can operate at a speed of up to 200 km/h.

With these new Vectrons, Green Cargo modernises its fleet and continues to develop its international traffic from Malmö in the south of Sweden through Denmark to Germany and back, in order to better serve its customers. All Vectrons are equipped with ETCS, which will give Green Cargo much flexibility as Sweden gradually moves towards ETCS in the coming years. The locomotives will be delivered in 2023.

This lease agreement marks the first Siemens Vectron under a Full-Service lease for Alpha Trains in Scandinavia. Alpha Trains has contracted Siemens Mobility in Sweden to perform Full-Service on the Vectron locomotives. The services for the locomotives will be carried out at the newly opened Rail Service Center in Malmö and the turnaround point in Maschen.

The partnership between Alpha Trains and Siemens Mobility/Sweden guarantees a high-quality level of maintenance with a focus on efficiency to maximize the usage of the locomotives and reduce operating costs.

“As a strongly customer-focused company, Alpha Trains is delighted to provide Green Cargo with our latest Siemens Vectron locomotives to modernise their fleet. We believe that these locomotives will significantly reduce the environmental impact of transport and also will offer exceptional performance and reliability. Furthermore, our partnership with Siemens Mobility in Sweden for Full-Service maintenance underlines our commitment to provide high-quality and efficient services to our customers, helping to reduce their operating costs and ensuring maximum uptime for their operations”, Fernando Pérez, Interim CEO of Alpha Trains Group.

Siemens Mobility CEO Sweden Kristina Nyquist comments: “We are delighted about this first collaboration with Alpha Trains in Sweden. With our performance-based approach, we will support Alpha Trains in its attempt to further grow in the European market.”

Alpha Trains is strongly committed to contributing to the achievement of climate goals by supporting the modal shift from road to rail and promoting environmentally friendly rail transport solutions. The introduction of the brand-new Siemens Vectron locomotives to the Scandinavian freight market is a significant step towards achieving this goal. With their state-of-the-art technology, the Vectrons also have a significant positive impact on the environment, as they emit significantly lower levels of pollutants and greenhouse gases than road transport.

Source: Alpha Trains