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Adif AV earmarks more than EUR 41 million for the standard gauge connection of the three capitals of the Valencia Region

Adif AV earmarks more than EUR 41 million for the standard gauge connection of the three capitals of the Valencia Region
photo: Adif AV/Adif AV earmarks more than EUR 41 million for the standard gauge connection of the three capitals of the Valencia Region
28 / 10 / 2022

Adif Alta Velocidad is making progress in the standard gauge connection of the three capitals of the Valencia Region, with a new investment for the Xàtiva-Nudo de la Encina section (40 km), which amounts to 41 million euros.

The company has just awarded two contracts, the main one for the renovation and gauge change works and another one for the supply of track equipment for the Xàtiva-Nudo de la Encina section, which is part of the new high-speed railway access to the Madrid-Castilla-La Mancha-Comunitat Valenciana-Region of Murcia line and also forms part of the Mediterranean Corridor.

The contract for the execution of the works and changeover to standard gauge (1,435 mm) has been awarded to Ferrovial Construction for 32 million euros and a completion period of 16 months.

Voestalpine Railway Systems Jez, on the other hand, will be responsible for the supply, transport, and pre-assembly of switches and crossings (the devices that allow the bifurcation and crossing of different tracks) for 9 million euros.

This action, together with the 25 kV electrification and the signaling and ERTMS installations on the same section, will contribute to continuing to promote the development of the Mediterranean Corridor since, among the advantages of the railway operation of this new strategic infrastructure, it will allow the connection of the three capitals of the Valencian Community with standard gauge.

Main works

The project includes all the infrastructure and tracks works for the renovation of the current double-track superstructure with a change from the conventional gauge (1,668 m) to standard gauge (1,435 mm) on the section between Xàtiva station and the so-called Nudo de La Teja, located in La Encina.

It includes the connection with the Alicante-València High-Speed Line, which forms part of the Mediterranean Corridor, linking the railway platform on both sides:

  • On the south side, from the exit of the Font de la Figuera tunnel with the platform already completed, allowing the connection with Alacant and with the Albacete-Madrid line, through the assembly of track on a section of approximately 12 km.
  • On the north side, the connection will link, over a length of 650 m, the tracks at Xàtiva station. From this station, it will connect with the platform already built up to the connection with the Madrid-València Joaquin Sorolla high-speed line.

The 40 km of the current double track will be renewed by changing from an Iberian gauge to a standard gauge, replacing the track material: ballast, sleepers, fastenings, 60 kg/m rail, and switches and crossings.

The platform will also be upgraded, work will be carried out on the transversal drains of the route and the Font de La Figuera tunnel and the pile protection structures of the overpasses to comply with the technical specifications for interoperability, as well as the communications ducts.

On the two connecting branches on the south side, the existing platforms will be upgraded and extended and the new superstructure will be installed with standard gauge sleepers.

At the current Moixent station, the platform of the sidings will be extended towards the Xàtiva side to provide them with a useful length of 750 meters. These sidings will also be extended at their ends with the construction of 60 m-long safety sidings.

In the Font de la Figuera tunnel, which is 815 m long, the double track on the ballast will be replaced by a double track on a concrete slab. In addition, the level of the corridor will be raised and handrails will be installed.

This action contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9, one of the goals of which is to develop reliable, sustainable, and quality infrastructures.


Source: Adif AV Press Releases


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