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Code of Ethics

Editorial Code of Ethics Adhering to the "Five Ps" Principles

I. Precision

RAILTARGET publishes content under copyright regulations, clearly distinguishing editorial content from journalism. Such content is labeled as COMMENTARY, OPINION, POLEMIC, or ANALYSIS. Published news is verified by at least two sources, which are always identified. In exceptional cases, individual statements may be relied upon if the individual's identity and credibility are known. This principle does not apply to official press releases from state and public institutions. 

II. Precision in Data

For all economic analyses or forecasts, the editorial team works with exact data and precise references from which the information is sourced.

III. Provability

Any published article can be subjected to retrospective review and modified in connection with current events. Such modifications are marked and defined accordingly.

IV. Plurality

The editorial team does not favor any opinion or stance, provided it does not violate the laws of the Czech Republic. RAILTARGET's editorial board is aware of the consequences of 20th-century repressions by dictatorial regimes. We do not intend to provide any platform to their current supporters or advocates, not even in the form of paid and labeled PR articles.

V. Proactivity

The editorial team responds to notifications, complaints, and criticism. In the case of factual criticism, the team engages in communication. Unintentional errors brought to the editorial team's attention must be promptly corrected, and the informant must be notified of the correction.