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We Know It First: ERJU Is to Have a New Executive Director, Carlo Borghini Steps Down

We Know It First: ERJU Is to Have a New Executive Director, Carlo Borghini Steps Down
photo: ERJU, RAILTARGET/We Know It First: ERJU Is to Have a New Executive Director, Carlo Borghini Steps Down
31 / 01 / 2023

The Executive Director of Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking, Carlo Borghini, will step down at the end of February 2023, and interim Executive Director Giorgio Travaini will take over. According to exclusive information from RAILTARGET, Carlo Borghini will focus his future activities on NATO. In turn, Giorgio Travaini will ensure the operation of ERJU from March 1, 2023.

Giorgio Travaini has been with ERJU since its inception and currently serves as Program Manager. He is responsible for coordinating the program to ensure that activities contribute to the objectives of the European Railway Master Plan. Since 2015, Giorgio Travaini has also been the Head of Research and Innovation of the previous Shift2Rail program.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the Governing Board, including the European Commission and the Private Founding Members, as well as the staff of the JU for their trust. I would like to thank Carlo for all those years of good collaboration, and for having driven Europe's Rail where it is today. I am looking forward to working closely with the JU Members, with all stakeholders and the JU staff to ensure rail will not lose its momentum in this transition period and that the potential of digitalisation and automation, for a system change, is fully exploited with the output of our R&l activities.┬áMy priority is to ensure that we continue to deliver on the Joint Undertaking objectives, build on its successes and work together in an effective and efficient EU partnership," says Giorgio Travaini, Incoming Interim Executive Director at Europe's Rail JU.

"I have no doubts that Mr Travaini, with the support of the JU professional and committed management team and staff, in strict collaboration with the Founding Members, will provide the necessary leadership to ensure that, during 2023, the Programme will consolidate its activities paving the way for major results in the years to come. These seven years at Europe's Rail will stay deeply with me. I have no sufficient words to thank the personnel I had the honour to work with, and the Founding Members for their trust and support all along this amazing rail journey," says Carlo M Borghini, Outgoing Executive Director of Europe's Rail JU.

"From our side, we are very pleased with the appointment. We have collaborated for many years and are convinced that Mr Travaini's experience, commitment and deep knowledge in the field of European research in the railway will benefit the continued work within Europe's Rail. We have the best of experiences of the professional collaboration with him, in his leading roles in Shift2Rail and Europe's Rail. We feel confident of him handling the coming tasks of Europe's Rail," state the Private Founding Members of Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking.