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VR Group acquires the Swedish part of Arriva - Arriva Sverige

VR Group acquires the Swedish part of Arriva - Arriva Sverige
photo: Arriva/press materials/VR Group acquires the Swedish part of Arriva - Arriva Sverige
29 / 03 / 2022

VR Group, better known as VR, has acquired the Swedish transport operator, Arriva Sverige, part of Arriva Group. The deal is scheduled to be closed in early July 2022.

Arriva Sverige operates in regional transport in southern and southeastern Sweden and urban transport in Stockholm. The company serves more than 170 million passengers a year and is the third-largest train operator and fourth largest bus operator in Sweden, with revenues of EUR 300 million in 2021. As part of VR Group, the company will become independent and plans to strengthen its position and become an even more crucial transport operator in Sweden. In addition, the acquisition has created approximately 3,800 new jobs in the company.

"As a veteran in the transport business and a pioneer in climate-friendly commuting services VR Group can provide Arriva Sverige with great growth opportunities. We look forward to the opportunity to utilize VR Group's expertise and to developing our electric bus traffic together with VR Group," Johan Lindgren, CEO of Arriva Sverige said.

In general, VR Group wants to grow strategically to provide quality services in Finland and increase its competitiveness in both bus and rail transport, in Sweden and Finland, mainly due to the cancellation of VR Group's monopoly on the Finnish market.

"As the Finnish market for public transport opens, the competition will increase, and ensuring VR Group's competitiveness will be crucial. To ensure VR Group's competitiveness, our strategy is now to grow in the opening urban transport market in the Nordics," Lauri Sipponen, President and CEO of VR Group said.

The transaction, scheduled for completion in July 2022, requires approval by the German Ministry of Digital Technology and Transport and Deutsche Bahn's Supervisory Board.