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VPI Chairman Malte Lawrenz Secures Unanimous Support for Continued Leadership

VPI Chairman Malte Lawrenz Secures Unanimous Support for Continued Leadership
photo: VPI / Public domain/Malte Lawrenz
24 / 06 / 2024

The 168 delegates of the General Assembly of the Association of Private Freight Wagon Users in Germany (VPI) in Düsseldorf unanimously confirmed Malte Lawrenz for another three years in his role as chairman.

"I am pleased with this support to continue working together to strengthen the rail transport sector. The growth of the association to a new high of 300 member companies is a good indication that we are on the right track," said Malte Lawrenz to the delegates.

The association will continue to expand its service offerings for member companies and provide a strong voice for car owners and workshops in political Berlin, Lawrenz stated. The focus will be on innovation, digitalization, and efficiency, with projects like the Digital Automatic Coupling. Lawrenz reported that the association's own service company VERS is currently involved in the European consortium DACFIT, which aims to prepare the migration to the new coupling technology. With service offerings like the VPI European Maintenance Guide, established across Europe, the association makes an important contribution to safe and efficient rail freight transport.

Criticism of Track Price Increase and Infrastructure Condition

The industry is driving forward the federal government's goal of shifting more freight to rail with determination, Lawrenz said. He sharply criticized the planned massive increase in track fees for the next and following year. "We don't need brakes like an unbearable and competition-distorting rail toll, but finally a powerful infrastructure. Otherwise, the modal shift threatens to move not towards rail, but towards roads," warned Lawrenz.

Strong Team Established for the Next Three Years

In addition to the election of the chairman, the agenda of the General Assembly included the appointment of the five deputy chairmen: Dr. Thorsten Bieker (BASF), Jörg Nowaczyk (GATX), Peter Reinshagen (Ermewa), Carsten Schiering (Transwaggon) were confirmed in office, and Florian Schuhmacher (VTG) was newly elected. The election of the 15 members of the advisory board also took place. New to the team were Kathrin Füller (RailMaint) and Iris Hilb (Wascosa).

24th TIV with Update on Developments in Intermodal and Wheelset Technology

Following the General Assembly, the association invites to the 24th Technical Information Event (TIV) the next day. With over 220 registrations, it is again attracting great interest this year. The update on industry developments, organized by the VPI Technical Commission, will focus on intermodal transport and the status of DAK migration in the morning. In the afternoon, experts will report on current developments in freight car wheelset technology and maintenance. In addition to technical lectures, the TIV offers the 220 registered participants expert discussions on both topics. This year, the TIV also presents hands-on technology: a MAZ support stand and a PAUT testing device for non-destructive testing of wheelsets.

Source: VPI Press Releases