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UWC: Sgmmns wagons sold to Europe

UWC: Sgmmns wagons sold to Europe
photo: Archiv/Railway
17 / 09 / 2020

The United Wagon company has obtained TSI certification for its four axle Sgmmns, which emphasizes the safety of railway vehicles. Testing of these wagons took place in the Czech Republic and was performed by the Czech Railway Research Institute.

The wagons are manufactured in the Tikhvin factory in Russia. There it is tested for load, impact and strength. Compared to similar types of railway vehicles, these wagons have better properties. The wagons are lighter, weight is 15.5 tons. Their carrying capacity is 74.5 tons and it is 40 feet long. They also have high-strength container pins, that allow safe transportation of the large-capacity containers.

Obtaining the TSI certification was a precondition for the delivery of another 200 wagons to the Polish fleet Laude Smart Intermodal. It will use the cars on the 1435 mm gauge railway network. Thanks to this, the transport of intermodal containers, which the Polish carrier transports from a wide gauge track, will be improved.