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Ukrainian Railways' 'Hospital Fund': A New Chapter in Medical Care for Railway Workers

Ukrainian Railways' 'Hospital Fund': A New Chapter in Medical Care for Railway Workers
photo: RAILTARGET Archive/Ukrainian Railways' 'Hospital Fund': A New Chapter in Medical Care for Railway Workers
01 / 10 / 2023

Ukrainian Railways is taking a significant step to enhance medical protection for its employees by introducing the Hospital Fund medical care system. This program will be accessible to railway workers from all sectors of Ukrainian Railways, and any employee can opt to join voluntarily.

This new medical care system was established based on the Hospital Fund of the Lviv Railway Public Organization, which has been operating in this regional branch for 14 years and has established itself as a trusted mechanism to assist railway workers.

Since the onset of the Russian full-scale invasion in February 2022, many insurance companies have effectively declined to offer insurance protection, halting payments to railway workers. In contrast, the Hospital Fund of the Lviv Railway has continued to honor its commitments.

"We initiated the Hospital Fund corporate medical service system with the aim of granting our employees the highest level of medical protection. This provides them with a transparent way to cover treatment costs, which has become particularly crucial during this period of martial law, as more employees require medical attention. Ukrzaliznytsia will cover all contributions to the public organization on behalf of its employees. This implies that the membership fees, deducted from salaries, will be fully reimbursed by Ukrzaliznytsia, effectively enhancing the support level for our employees," stated Yevhen Lyashchenko, Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Railways.

The Hospital Fund operates as a non-profit public organization. Its primary objective is to offer medical support to railway workers and their families, covering the expenses of medical services.

"It's our duty to prioritize the health of every employee. All railway workers deserve prompt and comprehensive medical care. As we've seen, insurance companies often fall short of this assurance. Thus, both the trade union and Ukrzaliznytsia are introducing an optimal solution with the 'Hospital Fund', ensuring our colleagues access to top-tier medical care," remarked Oleksiy Semerun, Head of the Trade Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders.

Source: Ukrainian Railways