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TŽV Gredelj signs a contract for the wagons supply worth EUR 2 billion

TŽV Gredelj signs a contract for the wagons supply worth EUR 2 billion
photo: Innofreight press materials/TŽV Gredelj signs a contract for the wagons supply worth EUR 2 billion
18 / 03 / 2022

According to a new framework contract worth EUR 2 billion between Slovak logistics company Budamar Group, Tatravagónka, and Austrian Innofreight, TŽV Gredelj will produce and supply InnoWaggons wagons over the next ten years.

TŽV Gredelj undertakes to produce 1,000 freight cars per year (three to four cars per day), which will subsequently be purchased by Innofreight, an Austrian company operating on the European rail network. It is done to ensure that modern, high-quality equipment prevents downtime and allows not to depend on outside suppliers.

"The step towards our own wagon production makes it possible to continue along this path in the future and to supply companies with high-quality and affordable InnoWaggons," said Innofreight in a statement.

The signing ceremony was attended by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković, and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Tomislav Ćorić. The long-term contract will increase production capacity. It will have a positive impact on the Croatian economy. Among other things, due to the new agreement 600 jobs will be created in addition to the existing 400. It will guarantee a high level and reliability of production.

We recall that since 2012, TŽV Gredelj has been in insolvency with a debt of CZK 900 million (EUR 119.98 million) and more than 2,000 creditors. Nevertheless, Tatravagónka fully acquired TŽV Gredelj and invested EUR 45 million in 2020. The company, a member of the Budamar Group since 2018, intends to use the potential of the plant to produce railway freight bogies and cars, to develop repair and maintenance of passenger cars, locomotives, electric and diesel engines.

"After nine years of bankruptcy, TŽV Gredelj along with its new owners – the Slovak Tatravagonka, is on the path to sustainable business," the Prime Minister said.