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Transmashholding successfully delivered locomotives to Mongolia

Transmashholding successfully delivered locomotives to Mongolia
photo: successfully delivered locomotives to Mongolia
20 / 12 / 2021

Twenty-four vehicles got delivered following a contract signed by Transmashholding and Ulan Bator Railway in 2019. The Russian rolling stock producer shipped four Class 2TE25K2M mainline cargo diesel locomotives in December, while Class TEM18DM shunting diesel locomotives got delivered in November.

Aside from the Class 2TE25K2M and Class TEM18DM, TMH manufactures the Class 2TE25KM and Class 3TE25K2M.

Both locomotive classes guarantee dependability, capability and provide records of availability and positive feedback on comfort and crew maintenance.

The locomotives will get utilized on railroads and by firms in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Belarus – boosting the volume of shipped freight while lowering operational expenses.

The microprocessors used in these locomotives systematically adjust the freight on the diesel generators while monitoring the condition of accessories, thus increasing safety and productiveness.

The locomotives are equipped with an adjusted 18-9DG diesel-generator set with increased power of 2,850 kW and have an increased engine power factor used for traction. They were made with updated locomotive axle load and boosted speed to 25.4 km/h

These locomotive series are reasonably popular on the rail lines, but they get used at industrial firms that already own train fleets.

The locomotives got designed while focusing on intense weather conditions. Average Mongolian weather includes high levels of dust and rapid temperature changes.

The TEM18DM diesel shunting locomotive has been produced by TMH since 2008 while operating on the Mongolian infrastructure since 2011 and presenting a track record of successes for their ease of operation, serviceability, drivers’ crew comfort, and affordable price. To expand the range of applications of the machine, the manufacturer extended its product series that feature six adjustments from which the clients can choose.