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Top reasons to visit ÖBB e-shop during Christmas

Top reasons to visit ÖBB e-shop during Christmas
photo: ÖBB/ÖBB
12 / 12 / 2021

The e-commerce launched by the Austrian ÖBB, has around 4000 satisfied customers visiting their website each month.

The e-shop, which is not aimed only towards railway fans, has a wide range of products to please all clients. You can order from detailed locomotive models to the popular kid's series Timi Taurus, as well as handy travel accessories such as travel sets or suitcase locks. 

There is a variety of unique ÖBB products that get sold on the website.

Each of the products designed to ignite a spark of interest hides under this year's Christmas tree. 

Among other products, we can find these goods on the website.

  • Unique ÖBB merchandises inspired by the world of rails, such as the original catering trolleys from the Railjet for railroad-savvy enthusiasts
  • stylish cross-sections of original railroad tracks, which can get used as paperweights or door stoppers
  • The "Rail Honey" gets produced at protected landmarks surrounding the rail tracks while following sustainability measures. Therefore, the honey is considered environmentally friendly and gets managed in terms of sustainable biodiversity. 
  • ÖH BBY brand is a fashion line launched by the ÖBB produced under sustainable measures, where all clothes get made of natural cotton. Comfortable tracksuits (hoodies and sweatpants) got designed in the traditional ÖBB red.