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The Young Rails: Under-26 Dominates PKP Intercity's Trainee Drivers

The Young Rails: Under-26 Dominates PKP Intercity's Trainee Drivers
photo: PKP Intercity/The Young Rails: Under-26 Dominates PKP Intercity's Trainee Drivers
19 / 09 / 2023

PKP Intercity currently has a staff of 1,657 drivers and typists. Of these, 272 are trainees being trained to drive trains. Remarkably, 37% of them are under the age of 26. Each year, the carrier aims to recruit and train over 250 new drivers. The European Railway Drivers' Day is observed on September 16.

By 2030, PKP Intercity's strategic vision is to operate double the number of current trains and serve 88 million passengers. To realize this vision, the company is steadily expanding its workforce, particularly those responsible for operating traction vehicles. There is a rising interest in this profession among the youth. Presently, 272 trainees are being prepared to drive trains, marking a 47% increase from last year. 37% of these trainees are under 26 years old, while 36% fall within the 26 to 35 age bracket. Notably, the past two years have seen a surge in interest among young individuals.

"I was 19 when I participated in the recruitment for a train driver's license. By 21, I was qualified to independently operate most of the vehicles, including the Pendolino train," shares Sebastian Sałański, who has been a train driver for six years and a trainer at PKP Intercity for six months. "Coming from a family with railway traditions, the role of a train driver always intrigued me. It offered stability and a chance to travel across Poland."

Marek Chraniuk, President of PKP Intercity's Management Board, adds, "The railway profession is increasingly appealing to the younger generation. We're thrilled that they recognize our dedication to offering stable and engaging employment opportunities. Driving a train demands immense responsibility and commitment. On European Railway Drivers' Day, I extend my gratitude to all drivers—both newcomers and veterans—for their daily dedication. I wish them safe travels, contented passengers, and, as the saying goes, 'green on the trail!'"

Each year sees a steady rise in the number of female train drivers. The first female driver began in 2017, and now, eight women serve as drivers, with an additional 19 undergoing professional training.

Source: PKP Intercity