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The transportation map of Europe has changed, CZ LOKO is expanding eastwards and plans cooperation with TŽV GREDELJ and Rail clinic

The transportation map of Europe has changed, CZ LOKO is expanding eastwards and plans cooperation with TŽV GREDELJ and Rail clinic
photo: CZ LOKO press materials/CZ LOKO
12 / 03 / 2022

The strategic importance of the Balkan countries for rail freight transport is now growing rapidly. The war in Ukraine has prevented the use of some busy routes for transporting goods to Europe. Carriers are therefore forced to look for alternative routes that use transit through the Balkans, especially Croatia, where carriers are directing their fleets. There is also a whole new potential for repairing railway wagons. The Czech company CZ LOKO is well aware of this opportunity and has decided to expand eastwards.

The war in Ukraine has changed the transportation map of Europe. Formerly frequently used routes are now empty and the flow of goods along the Silk Road is in many ways completely paralyzed. Carriers are in response to the situation, looking for alternative ways to supply Europe with goods. The solution is transportation via the Balkans. But the infrastructure there is not ready for such an onslaught, so the investments are quickly beginning to be planned. Overcrowded ports, such as the Port of Koper, are beginning to complicate the situation. The fundamental problem of the Balkan ports and the infrastructure, in general, is the complete lack of electrification in many sections. Carriers will therefore have to use older diesel-powered machines for transporting goods, which are much more defective than modern new locomotives.

This is the potential noticed by the Czech locomotive manufacturer CZ LOKO. The company has therefore decided to offer its locomotive maintenance and repair services on the local market. For this reason, it has entered into a partnership with TŽV GREDELJ, a company that has a renowned position on the Croatian railway market and is not lacking in qualified staff. TŽV GREDELJ is the guarantor of employment in Zagreb and extensive investments are being made in its premises to further modernize the company. Thanks to the partnership with TŽV GREDELJ, CZ LOKO has gained a stable base in Zagreb, Croatia, which is of strategic importance due to its reach into key areas.

However, the Balkans are not the only area of interest to CZ LOKO. The Czech locomotive manufacturer is also expanding into the Slovak and Hungarian markets. In these countries, as in Croatia, it plans to offer its locomotive maintenance and repair services. Here too, CZ LOKO has a strategic partner, this time Rail Clinic, which focuses on mobile service of freight wagons and is considered the largest provider of such services in the CEE region. According to exclusive information from RAILTARGET, a contract has already been concluded between CZ LOKO and Rail clinic. The cooperation of the companies is to be related to the provision of locomotive servicing at the L1 and L2 levels. RAILTARGET has contacted Rail clinic for details of the contract, but the company declined to comment.