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The competencies of LTG Group employees are attractive on the market. How does the company help its people find employers?

The competencies of LTG Group employees are attractive on the market. How does the company help its people find employers?
photo: LTG/The competencies of LTG Group employees are attractive on the market. How does the company help its people find employers?
23 / 06 / 2022

Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG) Group implements support measures for employees leaving the Group. In June, career fairs were organised, during which almost half a dozen potential employers from all over Lithuania presented further professional opportunities to them.

According to Irena Jankutė-Balkūne, LTG's HR Director, although painful decisions regarding the number of employees were unavoidable, the aim is to implement them sustainably, helping former team members to successfully develop their career paths further.

"Employees, whom we, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to, have significantly contributed to the growth of the LTG Group. They are specialists in their fields and have the competencies the market needs, which is why we have provided an opportunity for both employees to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by potential employers, and for employers to introduce themselves and find the right candidates for the vacant positions," says I. Jankutė-Balkūnė.

LTG employees' competencies were of interest to almost 50 companies, including Ignitis Grupa, Kelių priežiūra, Philip Morris Lietuva, Swedbank and others.

"We are pleased with LTG Group's responsible approach to its employees and the initiative to share talents, which is in line with our Group's values. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the employers' fair and present the specialities we are looking for in Ignitis Grupa. We look forward to welcoming interested LTG employees, and we have attractive and suitable career opportunities for them," says Monika Statulevičienė, Head of Employer Image and Talent Acquisition at Ignitis Grupa.

The LTG initiative has already organised four career fairs, and another event will take place at the end of June, with at least 17 more companies that did not participate in the previous fairs.

The LTG's employee assistance measures are implemented in close cooperation with the Employment Service (ESA). The focus of the employee assistance activities is threefold: information on the services provided, training and retraining opportunities and introductions to potential employers.

Workers have already been introduced to the services of the Job Centre, the registration procedure, and the possibility of receiving individual advice on employability and career planning. The Service's psychologist provided useful information on crisis and anxiety management in the event of redundancy. Individual counselling will continue to be offered to dismissed workers throughout the three months.

"We understand that redundant workers, especially those who have worked for many years, are going through a period of anxiety, so we try to reassure and educate them. In the first phase, it is always important to get information that allows us to reflect and assess the next steps. Practical advice helps people to manage their anxiety and to take action, which in such cases is a key success factor", says Brigita Elona Blavaščiūnienė, the UHR representative coordinating the group dismissal case.

In the wake of a sharp and sharp contraction in business volumes, LTG Group is implementing a three-pronged plan to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, diversify and expand into new markets, particularly in Western Europe. This plan aims to adapt to the changing business environment and help customers looking for opportunities to reorient their supply chains toward the West to do so. Following consultations with employee representatives, a painful but unavoidable decision was taken to say goodbye to almost 2 000 employees who will leave the company in the coming months, with a total of EUR 6 million in severance payments.


Source: LTG News Releases