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The Christmas Spirit on the Railways: RAIL CLINIC Supports a Young Widow in Need

The Christmas Spirit on the Railways: RAIL CLINIC Supports a Young Widow in Need
photo: Donio / RC / Public domain/RC / Family
07 / 12 / 2023

The tragic story did not unfold on the railway, but it still reached the hearts of railway workers. Rail clinic, the largest mobile repairer of railway wagons in Central and Eastern Europe, decided to support a family who lost their main breadwinner in a tragic incident.

This year, the life of a young family from Ryjice u Ústí nad Labem changed dramatically when car repairman Jirka was fatally injured by a car he was working on. His fiancée Lucia, with whom he had been since she was 15, and their two young daughters were left in deep sorrow. Their beloved father was suddenly gone, leaving behind mortgages, the need for diapers and clothes for two little girls, and a mother on maternity leave.

Rail Clinic learned about the story, which was published by Hana Lhotská on the Donio fundraising website, and felt compelled to act. Who better understands the risks of repair work than those who perform repairs themselves? And it doesn't matter whether it's wagons or cars.

Jirka had a beautiful relationship with Lucia. Despite all obstacles and youthful mistakes, the young parents always supported each other and managed to start a family. They first welcomed a daughter, Anička, who recently celebrated her third birthday, and this year they were blessed with their second daughter, the three-month-old Sárinka.

Jirko's great passion was always cars. That's why he and Lucia bought a family house with a large garage, which Jirka used as a workshop, partly to be as close as possible to his princesses.

Tragically, it was this passion that cost him his life on November 6, 2023. He was alone in the workshop when a car crashed into him. By the time Lucia found him, it was too late. Suddenly, Lucia was left to care for their two young daughters, who were now deprived of growing up with their father.

According to acquaintances, Jirka was a kind and helpful person, always ready to lend a hand. It's heartening that today, his family, struggling with not just emotional but also financial loss, is receiving support from others, returning Jirka's kindness. Alongside Rail Clinic, more than 760 people have contributed to the fundraiser, raising over CZK 400,000 so far.

For Rail Clinic, this isn't their first charitable endeavor. In addition to various donations, last year, they donated funds to the Železnice srdcem foundation, which assists people currently or formerly working for the railway and their families in difficult life situations caused mainly by serious illnesses, serious accidents (including those resulting in death), natural disasters, or other external events that significantly impact life and family stability.