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The Baltic-Adriatic Land-Bridge now open for business

The Baltic-Adriatic Land-Bridge now open for business
photo: Port of Koper/The Baltic-Adriatic Land-Bridge
15 / 06 / 2021

With many oceans, ports, and logistics services stretched to capacity during these challenging times, moving containers around the world nowadays demand patience, creativity, and sharp execution – even more than before. So, if you are looking for a new alternative, one idea is to combine solutions that already exist on the market and have the necessary assets and service offerings in place with timetables at key terminals.

 Based on these ideas, an interesting rail alliance has been started. Loconi, as operator of 5 container trains weekly between Gdynia and Wrocław, and Baltic Rail, as operator of 3-5 trains weekly between Wrocław and Koper, decided to offer a combined intermodal service Gdynia-Koper-Gdynia. With a single ticket, it will be possible for containers to travel between Gdynia, Wroclaw, and Koper, transloading between trains included within the service. The timing of the 2nd journey will be optimized to ensure cut-off for the target sailing. Thus, the intermediate stop can also have the role of a buffer that might be convenient.

The initiative is supported by both sea terminals - the Port of Koper, Slovenia, and BCT in Gdynia, Poland. This solution enables connecting all the key ports in Scandinavia with the key ports in Central and East Mediterranean, worthwhile checking the Red Sea and Gulf area too. Here to give an example of what is possible to achieve with the Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge: e.g. Oslo – Haifa – an all-sea service typically takes about 30 days, while the combined sea-land-sea service via Gdynia and Koper should take about 14 days.