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SŽ Embraces Challenges and Accelerating Success Amidst Challenges

SŽ Embraces Challenges and Accelerating Success Amidst Challenges
photo: Wikimedia Commons/SŽ Embraces Challenges and Accelerating Success Amidst Challenges
02 / 08 / 2023

SŽ-Tovorni promet reflected on the challenges and triumphs of the business year 2022 in their latest report. Despite facing numerous difficulties such as the war in Ukraine, soaring energy and raw material prices, and high inflation, the company managed to prevail and make significant strides.

SŽ had to grapple with numerous line closures, specifically the continuous closure of one track on the Liubliana-Divaca due to modernization. Nevertheless, by prioritizing customer needs and continuously optimizing production processes, the company managed to strengthen its competitiveness. They developed transport with their own traction in Austria and Croatia and also initiated the first transports with their own traction to the Croatian-Serbian border. 2022 also marked the completion of the entry of the strategic partner,  EP Logistika, into the company, with Slovenske Železnice retaining a 51% ownership share. The company also continued its modernization efforts, upgrading its vehicle fleet and signing a contract for the lease of 20 wagons of the Sggrrs series and 40 containers of the RockTainer type.

Despite the difficult environment, SŽ achieved remarkable results in 2022. They transported 19.5 million tons of goods and performed 4,811 million net-tonne kilometers, surpassing their 2021 performance. Through stringent cost control and work process optimization, they kept operating expenses in check, resulting in operating revenues of €184.7 million, a 7.1 percent increase from 2021, and operating expenses of €168.5 million, 3.1 percent lower than the previous year. Consequently, they achieved a positive result from operations in the amount of €16.2 million and a net profit of €13.7 million. 2022 was thus a successful year, reinforcing SŽ's role as a crucial operator in the heart of Europe and further extending its presence in the broader region.

Looking ahead to 2023, SŽ is poised for growth. The company has been focusing on increasing volumes in Austria and Croatia, and working on transports from Ukraine within the framework of the Solidarity Lanes. They have updated their offerings in single wagonload transports in Slovenia and engaged in negotiations with partners due to new higher electricity prices. They are also closely monitoring the development plans of the ports in Koper, Trieste, and Rijeka, supporting their growth. Additionally, they have prepared the final pre-investment documentation for modernizing their wagon and locomotive fleet, with the first tender expected to be published in 2023.

By modernizing its fleet, SŽ aims to establish itself as a major regional railway undertaking and provider of comprehensive logistics services in Central and South Eastern Europe, with a focus on environmental sustainability. In the coming years, SŽ plans to continue optimizing work processes, expand marketing and production activities in key regional markets, leverage synergies with their strategic partner, modernize the rolling stock fleet, acquire new cargo, increase efficiency, and internationalize operations. Furthermore, SŽ places great emphasis on knowledge transfer, employee training, and providing suitable working conditions.