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Sweden signs an onboard signaling ERTMS contract with Hitachi

Sweden signs an onboard signaling ERTMS contract with Hitachi
photo: Hitachi Rail press materials/Hitachi Rail press materials
03 / 01 / 2022

Nordic Re-Finance offered Hitachi Rail a contract that will ensure the installation of the onboard controls on the TMe train fleet. The fleet currently operates in Nordic countries. The signed contract obligates Hitachi to supply the ERTMS and Specific Transmission Module systems (baseline 3.6) and related equipment to upgrade 27 TMe diesel-electric locomotives, which currently operate in Sweden.

In 2017, the release of the ERTMS Baseline 3 released two collections of specifications, also called baseline 3.6, marked a crucial step forward for the ERTMS European Deployment Plan (EDP) as this release symbolizes a developed and steady option of the system, capable to deal with any interoperability cases.

“We are honored to receive the order to upgrade and deliver the latest onboard digital train control solution to Nordic Re Finance’s fleet of TMe locomotives. The partnership is an outstanding opportunity for Hitachi Rail to support Nordic Re-Finance in the development of an innovative and more sustainable solution with high standards of quality, safety, and reliability for their customers in the region. The digitization of their locomotives will help improve the supply of goods across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark,” Eric Morand, Vice President, Nordic Region, stated.

It gets expected that the onboard signaling system will increase the digitalization of the fleet. Digitalization will help the merchandise transfer across the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The equipment got already launched. The launch got achieved by activating the signaling system which got scheduled to be fully functional by early 2023.