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STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL Reports Surge in Demand for Specialized Language Courses

STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL Reports Surge in Demand for Specialized Language Courses
photo: Student Agency / Public domain/Regiojet Bus
29 / 01 / 2024

Recent statistics reveal a significant upsurge in language training. STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL, the leading Czech seller of language stays abroad, has recorded a 10% year-on-year increase in the number of students.

Young adults are showing great interest, with a 27% increase in demand for language courses abroad. "In recent years, there has been dynamic development in the field of language stays. We are not only seeing an increase in the number of students but also changes in their preferences and expectations. These changes are reflected in the expansion of the services offered and in the purchasing behavior of clients," says Martina Hrnčířová, Sales Director of STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL.

Variety of Destinations and Courses

In the field of language stays, there is strong interest in a variety of destinations and types of courses. Individual stays in Malta, including language courses, afternoon activities, and accommodation, are popular with children and young adults. The group stays with a delegate leading the way in the UK, with stays in the USA, including the newly added destination of Los Angeles, growing in popularity.

Popular Destinations and Courses with Adults

The most popular destinations among adult clients are Malta, London, Eastbourne, Dublin, Edinburgh, Nice, Munich, New York, and Japan. General English and specialized courses such as teacher training or business language courses dominate the course offer.

Specialized Courses Lead the Trend

Recently, there has been increasing interest in specialized courses that reflect the specific needs and interests of students. For example, the EC Escapes program combines language learning with unique activities such as wine tasting, gallery tours in London, or visits to Broadway musicals.

Length of Stay and Shopping Behavior

Two-week language courses remain the most popular, matching the demand for an intensive but compact learning experience. Most clients prefer to plan and book their stays well in advance, typically 6 to 8 months in advance, with a significant spike in demand in the first half of the year, particularly from January to June.

Outlook for 2024

For 2024, STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL has optimistic expectations and plans to focus more on innovative and special language courses that reflect the diverse demands and interests of its clientele. "As we expand our services and offer, we expect to maintain the positive trend of growth and innovation in the field of language stays," adds Martina Hrnčířová.