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STH is looking for companies to perform Contract Engineer services

STH is looking for companies to perform Contract Engineer services
photo: STH press materials/STH is looking for companies to perform Contract Engineer services
25 / 01 / 2022

After large tender procedures for design and construction works, Solidarity Transport Hub Poland (STH) has announced another. The Contract Engineer procedure concerns services related to the construction of railway spokes throughout Poland. The estimated value of the framework agreement equals ca. EUR 577 million. The co-operation is to continue for eight years.

The Contract Engineer is an entity that, on behalf of the investor, will supervise individual stages of the investment – from design, through execution of works, to the guarantee and warranty stage (as an option). Such services will guarantee that railway investments are carried out at the highest possible level, which will translate into the durability of the railway lines built by the Company.

The aim of the tender is to select up to 20 contractors who will provide Contract Engineer services under a framework agreement. Any company that signs it will be able to apply for individual partial tasks.

‘’The STH Programme is scheduled for many years ahead. Framework agreements allow us to create a long-term professional relationship based on mutual trust and predictability. Selected companies will gain access to contracts awarded in the following years in connection with the construction of new railway routes’’, explains Mikołaj Wild, President of STH.

The scope of tasks covered by the framework agreement will include e.g. services within the scope of works on the building permit design and detailed design (including their review), investor’s representation during construction works, their acceptance and handing over for use along with settlements, as well as optional post-investment support and support during the guarantee and warranty period.

The procedure is conducted as an open tendering procedure. The criteria for selecting contractors include primarily experience. Subsequently, in contracts for individual partial tasks, the price and qualifications of the team indicated by the contractor to carry out the project will be taken into account. Applications are being accepted until 27 January 2022. The tender is open to both Polish and foreign bidders. The announcement was published on the SmartPZP and TED platforms.

At present, STH is performing nine contracts feasibility studies (FS). In total, preparatory works are underway on sections with a total length of 1,200 km.


Source: STH press releases