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Statement of the Rail Target new owner

Statement of the Rail Target new owner
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09 / 03 / 2021

The Rail Target news website is changing its ownership structure. As of today, Mr. Kryštof Hajn is leaving the company, transferring a 100 percent his stake in the company to a new owner.

Mrs. Darina Željazková has become the new owner of the website. Darina Željazková has been working in the field of marketing and PR for many years and with this project she completes her portfolio of activities in the field of media. Thanks to her experience Darina wants to enrich RT primarily with her new communication channels in the online space and on social networks.

The new owner wants to build on the successful operation of the Rail Target website. In the short time of its existence, the website has become a source of important information from the railway environment of Central and Eastern Europe.

The new owner of the website wants to focus on building new formats of communication in the online environment and be not only a source of information for market players, but also a place of communication in between companies in the field of railway transport.

Editorial activity will also go through a new approach. Emphasis will be placed on maximum objectivity and accuracy of information. In particular, we want to avoid the information contained in the articles to be speculative or unsubstantiated, which has happened to some outputs in the past.


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