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State Property to Be Sold for Over One Million Euros

State Property to Be Sold for Over One Million Euros
photo: Železnice Slovenskej republiky (ŽSR)/State Property to Be Sold for Over One Million Euros
05 / 03 / 2023

Railways of the Slovak Republic (ŽSR) can sell the immovable property owned by the state to the town of Trnava for an agreed price of EUR 1,075,500 without value-added tax (VAT).

The exemption for the sale of the state-owned property was approved by the government on Wednesday with a reminder. The Director General of ŽSR decided that part of the property in the cadastral area of Trnava is not needed for further activities of the railways. The state company subsequently concluded a future contract with the city of Trnava last May.

The Ministry of Transport also agreed with the sale and thus asked the Ministry of Economy to submit a proposal for an exemption to the government.

"The submitted draft material will not harm the economic situation of ŽSR, on the contrary, ŽSR will gain financial resources, which it will use for the further property-law arrangement of land under its administration, on which the railway transport road of the national railways or the East Slovak transhipment points Čierna nad Tisou and Maťovce are located," the submitter explained in the explanatory memorandum.


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