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Stadler announces record orders and profits for 2021

Stadler announces record orders and profits for 2021
photo: Stadler press materials/Illustrative picture
29 / 03 / 2022

Swiss rail and urban transport company Stadler says orders for 2021 were 5-6 billion Swiss francs, up 28% from 2020.

Although Stadler estimates that the supply chain situation was strained by the Covid-19 crisis, the company's orders were estimated at CHF 17.9 billion at year-end, with revenue up to CHF 3.6 billion. The EBIT margin increased to 6.2 percent, and EBIT rose from CHF 156.1 million to CHF 223.7 million.

Stadler Chairman Peter Spuhler said, "although the economic situation is still affected by the pandemic, in particular concerning supply chain issues, we can look back proudly on our best year since the IPO."

The Swiss company estimates 2021 to be a "rich and successful year" and, despite the economic uncertainty caused by Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, expects revenues of CHF 3.7 to 4 billion in 2022. In their opinion, the demand for efficient and reliable public transport vehicles is growing due to increased global awareness of climate issues, growing urbanization, and digitalization. Stadler also expects to achieve a target EBIT margin of 8-9% by 2024-25.