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Srbija Cargo Initiates the Funding of the Repair Project of 30 Plato Cars

Srbija Cargo Initiates the Funding of the Repair Project of 30 Plato Cars
photo: Srbija Cargo/Srbija Cargo Initiates the Funding of the Repair Project of 30 Plato Cars
14 / 11 / 2022

Having looked at the current situation and the need for the transportation of goods by containers, Srbija Cargo initiated a project to realize the overhaul of 30 flat wagons of the Sgnss and Regs series, which will be financed from its own funds.

Bearing in mind that in recent years, there has been a problem in the functioning of the transportation of goods by rail caused by the lack of these types of freight cars, Srbija Cargo decided to overhaul them. Today, goods transport by containers is the most dominant form of transport worldwide. The use of containers increases the complementarity of different types of transport and promotes their cooperation in the transport chain through more effortless movement and standardization of cargo.

The flat wagon overhaul project was created by looking at the current situation and transport demand in goods transport in the observed period (in the short term, until 2023, and in the long term, until 2035), and the analysis was carried out by relations, planned transport and flows of goods, planned income, and expenses. The project is expected to significantly affect the quality of our services, their competitiveness, the quality of freight cars, and the growth and development of rail freight traffic.


The repair of these flat wagons is contracted with two domestic repairers, the Želvoz factory from Smederevo, which is responsible for the regular repair of 15 cars of the Sgnss series, and the repair shop MIP-RŠV from Ćuprije, which will overhaul 15 cars of the Regs series. It is one of the most significant projects currently being implemented in our company, worth over 13.3 million dinars and financed from our own funds. This overhaul will include disassembly, detailed inspection, repair of all assemblies and safety devices, repair and check of the geometry of the wheelbase, complete repair of the floor, and anti-corrosion protection. For all damaged works in regular repair, a suitable guarantee is obtained from the repairer, and the works will be performed according to the strictest European standards and valid technical regulations. The contract stipulates that all the equipment installed in these wagons must meet European quality standards, which means that the wagons will be fully interoperable.

The workers of the Railway Vehicle Maintenance Sector worked intensively on projects for the execution of these works, they inspected the cars before sending them for repair, and the missing equipment and the dynamics of sending the cars to the workshops were defined. Given that detailed and high-quality preparations have been made, there are realistic expectations of the positive effects of the overhaul, as was the case with the previous ones. It is vital to mention that the expert team of our company will, during the performance of works in the repair shops, perform quality control of the installed equipment and monitor the quality of the works. The deadline for the completion of this project is six months, after which these wagons will be ready to record new kilometers. Given that the EU tends to increase the volume of rail traffic, especially the transport of containers, both due to the economy and the need to reduce environmental pollution, which is one of the main advantages of rail transport, by enabling the modal shift from road to freight rail transport and replacing old inefficient wagons, this project will have a positive impact on the environment in terms of reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The justification for this investment is reflected in the fact that, with this overhaul, Srbija Cargo wants to prepare for a successful market appearance as a socially responsible operator in the conditions of an open market for the transport of goods, by harmonizing the technical specifications of its trucks with the needs of the economy and following environmental protection regulations environment.

Source: Srbija Cargo Press Releases