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Slovakia changed its government. What does it mean for the railway business?

Slovakia changed its government. What does it mean for the railway business?
photo: Heger and president Čaputová
08 / 04 / 2021

The Slovak railway environment was preparing for a possible change of the Minister of Transport. However, the current Minister of Transport Andrej Doležal (We Are a Family) remains in his position. The stay of Minister Andrej Doležal means stability for the railway environment in Slovakia.

After a partial change in the composition of the Slovak government, it seems that the new government is gaining stability. The Slovak railway environment was preparing for a possible change of the Minister of Transport and Construction. The proposed changes also included a variant of the replacement of the Minister of Transport.

A change of minister would, of course, bring with it a change in the country's transport policy. Railway rings were in anticipation of developments in the country. Due to the retention of the Minister in his position, the current strategy will continue, which adds to the entities that benefited from the current constellation.

Reflections on changes at the Ministry of Transport were related to the turmoil in the Slovak government, which resulted in personnel changes after a long crisis. Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová has appointed the current Minister of Finance Eduard Heger (Ordinary People and Independents, OLaNo) as Prime Minister of the Government. Former Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNo) resigned mainly due to the uncontrolled coronavirus pandemic and the secret import of Sputnik V. After the resignation of the government, most ministers return to their positions. The new cast concerns only the Ministry of Health. Vladimír Lengvarský (OLaNO) was appointed Minister of Health.  

Andrej Doležal stays as a Minister of Transport ( March 23, 1981), who is not only a politician but also historically a web designer. He graduated in the field of Process Regulation and Control with a specialization in the design of control algorithms and optimization at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics STU. He obtained a M.A. diploma in 2004. He has many experience in the field of media and telecommunications. He also has many years of experience in managing a larger number of people, responsibility for the entrusted budget but also in the field of culture. On the position of  Minister of Transport and Construction he was appointed by President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová on March 21, 2020.

The Ministry of Transport has among other things, the Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) or the Railway Company Cargo Slovakia.

Railway transport in Slovakia has been working since 1840. The owner and operator are the Railways of the Slovak Republic (ŽSR). In 2005, the Railway Company was divided into a passenger transport operator called the Railway Company of Slovakia (ZSSK) and a railway freight operator called the Railway Company Cargo Slovakia (ZSSK Cargo).

Railway Company Cargo Slovakia (ZSSK) is a company based in Bratislava and it is the largest Slovakian operator of passenger rail transport. It provides up to 97% of all passenger transport. Railway Company

Cargo Slovakia (ZSSK Cargo) is Slovakian railway carrier operating in freight transport. The establishment of the company was connected with the resolution of the right-wing government of Mikuláš Dzurinda of 7 July 2004 on the privatization of freight transport of the original company Železniční společnost. In 2010, the company owned approximately 14,700 cars and over 700 locomotives.